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Digital Media Platform

Cost-effective, Reliable, flexible
comprehensive video delivery solution
DMP – Digital Media Platform

DMP is a powerful comprehensive head-end system that features high density, stability and security for non-stop operation.

  • Tremendous data processing power
  •    Hot-swappable modules
  •    Satisfies requirements of any head-end systems
  •    Reliable redundant power supply
  •    Supports various backup strategies
SMP-Digital Media Platfrom

SMP is a highly cost-effective comprehensive head-end platform using modular design. With different modules, it performs various AV processing such as reception, descrambling, decoding, transcoding, multiplexing, scrambling, modulation, IPASI, etc.

  • Powerful multiplexing
  • Built-in IP, ASI I/O
  • Modular design
  • Supports Web-based client and SNMP

Wellav provides modules of different functions for DMP and SMP. You can make various combinations of them to meet all your AV processing requirements.

  • Receiving modules
  • Encoding/Transcoding modules
  • De-/scrambling modules
  • TS interfaces & Decoding modules
  • Modulation modules