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Direct To Home (DTH)

DTH (Direct To Home), it would use satellite (DVB-S or DVB-S2) to transmit pay-tv signal directly to the final subscribers.


  1. The operator would use CAS to scramble the pay-tv channels
  2. The final subscriber would use DVB-S/S2 STB to receive the pay-tv channels
  3. The operator would use DTH SMS to manage and control the entitlement.
  4. By using CAS, DTH operator could calculate and count how many subscriber he has. Then easy to talk with the Advertisement Sponsor.
Diagram Of  Direct To Home (DTH)


  • NSTV CAS is secure and stable system.
  • NSTV CAS can support over 10 million subscriber base.
  • NSTV CAS is widely supported by many STB company, so very easy for DTH operator to find STB from market.

NSTV CAS is widely used in DTH operator, such as Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Venezuela, etc.