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R-Soft SMS

R-Soft SMS

R-soft SMS is Most Advanced, Features Rich and Cost Effective Web Based SMS, Billing & CRM Solution for MSOs to Manage Digital PayTV Subscriber Integrated with Leading Conditional Access System & is Scalable for Handling Large amount of Subscriber data on Web on VPN.

Product Catalogue

Support Subscription Based Charging Channels Bouquet, A-la-Carte, Video on Demand, DVR , PPV, free to air channelsSTB Rentals, Lease & On-Sale Quick & flexible package & price list definition.

Convergent Billing

Convergent Billing system capable of Voice, Video and Data Itemized bill with details of content cost, VOD events, One time subscription, rentals for various equipments, bouquet/channel charges etc.

Notification System

Customizable Email & SMS templates Alert on Subscriber’s package pre & post expiry. Schedule alerts and events Bulk Alerts – Promotional offers. Complete Log of Reports.

Subscriber Management

Create|Manage|Suspend|Archive| Delete Users from the system Capturing customer information such as Name,ID, Address, Contact details, Service specific attributes etc.

Inventory Management

Inventory life cycle management for STBs/Smart Cards STB and Smartcard tracking, Open STB support (Dynamic pairing & de-pairing of STBs & Smartcards). Smartcard less STB support Blacklisting of STB.

Payments & Collections

Multiple modes of payment collection like cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, direct debit, Mobile Application, online SBM etc. Payment Reversal Functionality & Multiple payment gateway configurations

Franchisee/ JVs/ LCO Man.

Easily manage Revenue and Commissioning of partners/franchisees.Partner Web Self-care. JV-LCO relationship Partner management, monitoring & functionalities.

Extensive MIS Reports

Broadcaster-wise customers Channel/bouquet wise customer. Subscribers & rates for various entities such as channels, bouquets, offer etc.). Broadcaster-wise revenues & Customers Dashboard reports Package vs. Channel details

Easy Provisioning

Industry standard provisioning support for multi vendor CAS/ Middleware. Subscriber self-provisioning of STBs. Real-time Activation & Deactivation of services. Single platform for multiple networks/services.

Subscriber Self Services

Check balance, recharge, usage history, service subs. Etc Enables real time voting for movies, channels etc. 24/7 availability of customer self-care portal. Manage their accounts, recharge and pay bills. Subscribe new channels or movies online.

R-Soft SMS
(Subscriber Management System)

R-Soft SMS (Subscriber Management System) is an integrated, powerful, comprehensive & versatile web based Management & Billing Solution to manage subscribers, contracts, products/packages, distributors, billing, revenues, inventory and provisioning.

Built on a modern platform, its modular conception allows for easy and rapid implementation as well as efficient commissioning. The solution builds on a central database where all information regarding product purchases, product tiers and subscriber is stored. The database is driven by three separate web interfaces, one for use by the Operator Administrators, Operator users and one for use by the Subscriber.

The operator interface is used to define products and products groups, to define pricing and campaigns and to register new subscriber and new products. The Subscriber interface is used by the end subscriber to purchase products and subscriber to available services. Changes are reflected at user’s devices in near real time. The system supports a variety of business models such as Bouquet subscription, a-la-carte subscription and pay per view.

R-Soft SMS Product FeaturesCoins
(Different Modules Features )

The Solution provides both Reliability and Flexibility to meet the demands of a range of large and small operations while maintaining Digital Cable Network.

R-Soft SMS has been built on 3-Tier Architecture in whichUser Interface, Business Logic & Database components are independent of each other and creates very robust, secure, online & centralized working environment.

The subscriber management portion of our solution provides Subscriber and Set Top Box Database Management Tools that includes: Provisioning of channels, Packages (Bouquets), and Smart Card pairing etc through integration with Conditional Access Systems (CAS). R-Soft SMS can be integrated with popular CAS Vendors.

Provision for handling of customer subscriptions for a variety of products and services bundling with appropriate pricing and promotional programs.It allows to handle multiple companies, multiple departments (intercompany or intracompany) and multiple company locations with ease. You can also easily create and manage multiple accounts for a single Subscriber.

Graphical User Interfaces are Desktop & browser page based, so navigation is simple and intuitive – and accessible from anywhere.Provides streamlined, easy access to MIS reports for operator as well as the broadcaster.

Customer care management and statistics of Sales, Orders & Support Transactions with Subscribers.

Integrated with the payment gateways to enable online payments for the products subscribed by subscribers.

R-Soft SMS can handle large Cable head-end with thousands or millions of subscribers and efficiently manages subscriber data with strong MIS.