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Satellite TV Solution

Satellite TV Solution
Overview :
As a professional digital TV system supplier and service provider, AMC Digital technology Ltd. offers complete head-end system solution that fully conforms to the DVB-S standard of satellite digital TV head-end system.
Description :
Satellite Programs Receiving and Descrambling
4-frequency DVB-S2 Demodulation Receiving Card (C545) is an EMR IRD function card, one card can demodulate 4 FTA or scrambled satellite frequencies. One EMR maximum supports 24 FTA or scrambled satellite frequencies.
DVB-S2 Demodulation & Descrambling Card (C525CI) can not only be used to descramble any scrambled programs by two CAMs from any input cards and also receive all the satellite programs. One EMR maximum supports 12 CAM cards to descramble from any inputs cards.

Local program encoding
H.264 Digital Encoding Card (C150D) can encode 2 digital HD/SD programs as maximum 12 HD/SD programs H.264 Digital Encoding in one chassis.

H.264 Analog Encoding Card (C150A) can encode 2 analog programs as maximum 12 HD/SD programs H.264 Digital Encoding in one chassis.

Using C150A and C150D can encode all the local programs.

Re-multiplexing & Scrambling
All the programs can be de-multiplexed and re-multiplexed via back board fixed on EMR, then be sent from the EMR to the network via multicast UDP.

There is scrambling card in EMR3.0 chassis, connecting to CAS for pay TV solution.

DVB-S/S2 Modulating
DVB-S/S2 Modulation Card (C507S) can modulate 1 frequency. Select the right amount of C507S for DVB-S/S2 Modulation.


Solution Advantages :
This solution includes Digital TV head-end equipment (IRD, Encoder, Re-Multiplexer, Scrambler, etc), Software (Conditional Access System, Subscriber Management System, Electronic Program Guide and Network Management System). All equipment and software are developed and manufactured by Channel Master to satisfy any DVB-S/S2 requirements of the customers and provide one-stop solution to reduce the installation period and cost at most.